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Workshop Announcement

An international research group is applying for the research initiative “Potrok Aike Lake Sediment Archive Drilling Project” (PASADO) within the framework of ICDP. The intended project will address several key issues related to the evolution of maar craters, to quantitative climatic and environmental reconstruction, fire history, tephra and dust deposition and palaeosecular variation of the Earth's magnetic field for the last several glacial to interglacial cycles. Moreover, dust and tephra records will provide links to marine sediment archives and ice cores. Obtained reconstructions of climate variability will be compared to climate simulations from GCM’s to detect signals of climatic forcing.


Laguna Potrok Aike is located at 52°S within a 770 ka old maar of the Pali Aike Volcanic Field, southern Patagonia, Argentina. Due to its location the study site is well positioned to capture the dynamics of changes in atmospheric circulation of the southern mid-latitudes with a time resolution out of reach for marine sediments. This region is also the source area of the dust that fertilises the southern ocean with all its implications on the global carbon cycle. Recent seismic studies indicate that the lake basin of Laguna Potrok Aike contains an approximately 300 m thick, continuous sedimentary archive of geological, environmental and climatical processes. This record represents one of the longest and most continuous lake archives for non-tropical South America and the entire southern hemisphere. The sedimentary sequence of Laguna Potrok Aike can be recovered with coring technology available in the framework of ICDP, i.e. using the GLAD800 drilling system.


Members of the international scientific community who are interested to contribute to this research project are invited to attend the ICDP Workshop to be held in Río Gallegos, southern Patagonia (Argentina), on March 16-19, 2006.


The workshop agenda will include an introduction to the area, reviews of existing data and a field trip to the study site. Special sessions will be organized to discuss and plan specific aspects of the project such as objectives and achievements, required laboratory analyses and techniques, forms of scientific collaboration, drilling sites and operations, logistics, political as well as legal issues and funding. Participants are expected to collectively develop a detailed science plan which will serve as the basis for international multidisciplinary proposals that can be submitted to funding agencies of participating countries.


Registration: All interested scientists are invited to apply for this ICDP Workshop by sending name, position, contact information and a brief abstract (1 page) describing the intended form of participation in the project to Bernd Zolitschka ( Deadline for applications is November 30, 2005. Participants can expect to be notified by December 15, 2005. There is no registration fee to attend the workshop. Limited funding is available for all participants to cover lodging as well as to subsidize travel expenses. More information about PASADO and the workshop is available at